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FORD C-MAX II (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU) [04/2010– 02/2021]

Brand: KLAXCAR FRANCE Product Code: 1499
FORD C-MAX II (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU) 1.5 EcoBoost 1.6 EcoBoost 1.6 LPG 1.6 Ti Φίλτρο λαδιού KLAXCAR FRANCE FH105zC-MAX II (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)1.5 EcoBoost > 03/2015 134KW 182PS Essence MonospaceC-MAX II (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)1.5 EcoBoost > 03/2015 110KW 150PS Essence MonospaceC-MAX II (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU)..
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